Professional Drummer
I have been playing my drums for over 50 years. Worked at age 12 with touring band called the Playboys for the Prince Spaghetti Company doing shows to promote their product. Appeared at age 13 at the 1964 NY Worlds fair in the singer bowl and appeared on a TV show called DiscoTeen hosted by Zacherley. Signed with a new manager, Al Aronowitz in 1965. Played in Concert under new band name 40 Fingers in Dec. 1965 with Lou Reed & the Velvet Underground and played a private party for Bob Dylan during the grand opening week of Max'sKansas City. Also did several appearances in NYC clubs such as Scott Munie's Rolling Stone. In and out of recording studios from age 13 to age 17. Recorded some original music and in 1968 worked on a music project for Columbia/Screen Gem as a studio musician recording a song called "Come to the Carnival" which was a pic hit of the week in the NY metro area.  Still playing full time with organized band and some pick-up work.  I am bascally a Blues drummer but also enjoy playing country, funk & R &B.  I also perform in many different churches playing Sunday services from Contempory Christian Music to Gospel.  I can cover most any other type of music.  Noted for being a pocket drummer.  Always looking for other musicians to play with.  If you have a music project or your putting together something interesting,  contact me.
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